6 Formidable Strategies Businesses Can Implement to Attract New Customers From the Internet

Every business on earth has one thing in common and that’s they all want to grow and attract more and more customers.

In our digital age, the most effective way to increase business customers is through leveraging digital marketing which has to do with promoting your business on the internet and across social media using digital marketing techniques.

There are so many types of businesses existing today occupying a vast array of fields and digital marketing when implemented properly can help any of these businesses grow and increase their customer base.

Here are top tips containing the techniques that will grow your business fast and get you a shit load of new customers:


Create video content —

The impact of video content is huge especially when you are targeting a young audience. If you really want to get your audience’s attention, which everybody would like to, then think video.

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that said, hearing about something 1000 times is not as convincing as seeing it once.

There’s one important thing about videos, they add a personal touch to your content because your potential customers tend to engage with you in person because they can see a real person when watching your video content not some black inked words on the webpage. This helps you gain their trust pretty fast because people like patronizing businesses they are sure they can deliver, this basic human psychology, and there’s no better way to showcase your expertise if not through video.

A simple video offering helpful tips and tricks, a review, or a tutorial that shows off your knowledge and expertise in the field that your business is operating in can do wonders.


Post consistently —

When you have an online business, it’s very important to be consistent with your content.

You need to create a plan, map out a calendar for when to post, and follow that plan judiciously. Publishing your content let’s say 3 times a week for a couple of weeks then going silent for months is not going to help your business grow. Inconsistency kills the interest of your customers and that’s very far from what you want for your business.

Hence, if you decide, 3 posts a week, make sure you stick to that.

If you start running out on fresh content ideas, re-adjust the frequency of your content output and post less often but never stop posting entirely.

In the world of internet marketing, it’s better to push out content less often than push out low-quality content or entirely stop posting.

Finally on this point, if you are out of new content, you can re-twist some of your old content to give them a new edge.


Encourage interaction —

 Social media came into existence solely for interacting with other people, but the world has evolved to give it a new role, which is marketing. The point is, on social media, don’t be all about selling products online, if you want to attract more customers you really need to encourage more interactions.

When you discover where your target audience resides on your most used social media platforms, try and engage with them and get them involved you can do so through comments, likes, and shares on their own posts on the platform. You can also employ the use of polls or questions.

Show your personality —

These days, when consumers switch on their data to come online, they are immediately swamped with so much content. They spend a lot of time on the internet and get their attention ripped off by companies trying to sell to them all day.

If you want to stand out (which is important), it’s important to be authentic and show some of your personality so works magic.

Avoid appearing to your potential customers as one of those salesmen they detest seeing a lot. Instead, you share some personal experiences and make sure to be reliable.


Use engaging storytelling —

The content marketing industry is experiencing a massive shift. This shift involves the use of storytelling to win over customers.

The online competition is so fierce right now, but storytelling helps you stand out against the competition. Storytelling is an amazing way to stand out and tell your customers about your product and services.

Look for stories that you can tie to your offers, stories that will push people’s emotions and appeal to their inner selves. These stories might be coming from your previous customers or from you telling them about your product’s journey.


Collect Emails — 

From the very first day, you set up your business online, set up your email campaign, and start collecting emails. You can do so using various lead magnets in form of freebies, offering discounts to your email subscribers, and so on, there are various techniques existing that will make it easy for your potential customers to submit their emails to you.

Set up auto-responders and continue warming them up through mail so that whenever you have an offer in form of a new product, your emails wouldn’t appear cold to them.

There are various email campaign platforms available but the best of them include GetResponse, Aweber, convertKit, etc.

Getresponse is best for beginners because they offer a free 30-day trial without submitting your card details, while others run free trials also, but you either need to submit your card details or pay a certain amount of money before you can test their services.

Finally, identify your competition in your space and study what they are doing. absolve it and recreate the same thing to fit into your business. Then watch how your business gets streams upon streams of new customers that it wouldn’t have attracted if you keep leaving the internet out on your table of growth.

In Softwork Digitals Marketing Agency, we help businesses grow through implementing all these things on their behalf.

We understand that it’s a busy world we live in where it’s difficult to multi-task. We make it convenient for you to focus on handling the daily operations in your business while we do the marketing, create the necessary awareness, and attract leads to your business.

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